About Showfighter

About Showfighter

Showfighter is a West Midlands based boxing organisation that specialises in charity boxing events, after dinner speakers and gala nights. We have established ourselves as one of the leading names around the West Midlands for corporate hospitality events and VIP packages. We strive for our events to have that breath-taking atmosphere to make each and every one of our guests feel like royalty. Our aim is to provide our guests and clients with the most sought-after talent to create entertaining, educational, memorable and talked-about events.

Director Andy Sahota created the concept of Showfighter when exploring new and unique fundraising ideas having delivered a number of events previously based on more traditional avenues of fundraising. The first phase of the Showfighter plan saw fruition in March 2013 in conjunction with another partner organisation when 12 brave warriors take to the stage at the first ever White Collar Boxing event at Wolverhampton’s Civic Hall. The undoubted success of this venture gave Andy the drive to pursue an events plan to fill the undeniable gap in the West Midlands entertainment market.

Showfighter has many unique concepts such as; King Of The Ring (KOTR), which is one of their biggest and most successful events to date. We bring together people from all ethnic backgrounds, treating every participant and guest as a VIP at every single event.

The team stride to ensure that attention to detail at every stage of the event, from the first draft plan to the final round of applause! Bringing the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas experience to your doorstep, Showfighter have hosted ambitious events laced in a cocktail of elegance with guests spoilt with a host of pre-show acts and live entertainment along with the finest freshly prepared cuisine. Showfighter have most recently hosted their first team event - pitching former Showfighter warriors against members of our emergency services! We have been the first organisation to host such a concept and encourage members to get involved through their respective teams and organizations.

We have raised much-needed proceeds for many charities since our first boxing ball and we are always on the look-out for participants from any background, be it banker, accountant, office worker or lorry driver - you will receive six weeks intensive training and given your own Las Vegas experience! Not only that but you will be invited to our pre fight night weigh-in, which is the legendary part of any major boxing match.

Showfighter aim to deliver beyond your expectations and strive to become your number one choice when it comes to event management and sports and charity events. Our charity fundraising events have raised on average more than £10,000 per event. Showfighter are extremely proud of this figure, and with new charities joining our regular clients, we hope the sums being raised are growing ever larger each year. Work with us, relax and we’ll do the rest!